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Design means simplicity and lightness

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Objects with the purest and most essential lines lend to different end-uses, functions and contexts. MDF Italia's Aïku is an example

No frills, top comfort. The essence of Aïku, the chair that Jean Marie Massaud designed for MDF Italia, can be summed up this way. Sobriety and elegance of shapes perfectly convey the concept the designer drew inspiration from, for Aïku. An inspiration that originates from "haiku", a short Japanese poem, featuring an expressiveness that catches the mark, without superfluous words. Thus confirming the chair's versatile and cosmopolitan nature, appreciated in every environment: from collective to private spaces.

Most in detail, it is the latest refined version to be increasingly used in private locations. We refer to Aïku Soft, introduced for the first time at Imm Cologne in January, featuring a padded shell and new colours for some stands. And what about finishes? Some of them are very trendy, such as the gold or pink chrome, black or nickel chrome. The shell can be coated either in leather or in smart single-colour fabrics and modern textures. There is also the wood-legged model, for those who are fond of a traditional and warm material.

Aïku mirrors the world of poetry with its light and graceful lines, that at the same time are solid and comfortable: it's a kind of a passepartout, fit for every design landscape.

Design means simplicity and lightness

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