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Imm Cologne 2019: let’s celebrate Tense and Flow together!

MDF Italia
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MDF Italia @Imm Cologne: an unmissable event!

A unique anniversary, an original stand, an emotional catalogue.

All this at Imm Cologne, the international furniture and interiors fair to be held in January 14th-20th Cologne, the first opportunity for MDF Italia to celebrate ten years of two iconic products from its collection: Flow and Tense.

A decade to be celebrated with a special stand, conceived by Alessandro Scandurra, intended to amaze visitors. It is actually a space conceived without barriers or physical boundaries, a space halfway a backstage and experimental theatre, where the two protagonists are highlighted… two very different products, yet united by the same pure and essential lines and strong personality. The public enters the scene, becoming an actor together with the objects. Theatrical lights, two distinguished stages, decorative suspended elements, small curtains will attract visitors, highlighting the features of the collection novelties in the spotlight: Tense Diamond, Tense fine wood, Flow 10th and Flow Textile. A visual horizon of light delimits the scene, creating a big access portal to the exhibition space. A fitting designed to arouse strong emotions.

To celebrate Flow and Tense’s birthday, a special publication will be introduced as well, developed by CCRZ communication studio: “Tense & Flow. Ten Years”. Seventy pages, in-between a celebratory volume and a catalogue to describe the evolution and quality of a chair and a table to be included amongst the new “design classics of the 21st century” as well as benchmark models. The publication features a double cover and a double narration: “Story about a chair” and “Story about a table” and the same graphical division also regards the single pages. Each one in fact, in the lower section, offers a technical description, while in the upper section shows suggestive and evocative pictures regarding the product and the company. What will most affect the public’s attention is the new series of photos taken by three professional photographers who portrayed Tense and Flow in everyday situations, in working and home spaces that are part of every person’s experience. Stolen shots, real and exciting images, using a contemporary language.

Tense Diamond and Flow textile
Tense Diamond and Flow textile

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