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Memoir Parisian Charm

New Dining Area

The heart of the home is usually where is prepared and served with so much care a delicious meal, gathering your friends and family while enjoying a magical experience and the creation of fantastic memories.

Dining Areas vary on size, function and they can be in a separate room or integrated in the kitchen. This time we are presenting a dining area that is part of a kitchen space becoming a sophisticated and pratical approach of this environment.

With a french style, this interior with wall boiserie, perfectly frames our beloved pieces: EBONY Dining Table, WONDER Dining Chairs, REVOLUTION Suspension and SPIRAL Wall Lamps, creating an elegant atmosphere where the black lacquer and the royal ebony veneer represents the exclusivity of Memoir´s design. The polished stainless steel finish in the lighting fixtures and dining table is enhancing this products, bringing a modern note to this room.

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Memoir Parisian Charm


  • R. Direita 351, 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira, Portugal
  • Memoir