Stile Molecular Concrete: new design book now available

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The keyword is STILE, a concept that includes the guidelines that have always identified us: Storia (History), Tecnologia (Technology), Innovazione (Innovation), Lusso (Luxory) and Ecologia (Environmental awareness).

Our new design book Stile Molecular Concrete is now available. It is the container of our new public furniture collection, realized in innovative materials: HPC (High Performance Concrete) and UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete). Il Cantiere has been our exclusive partner for this project, sharing with us concept, development and creation of all the products.Concrete is reborn in this new collection, challenging the overall feeling of it being a reliable product lacking in design. Stile Molecular Concrete is proof that competence and research can bring elegance to every field, dignifying ordinary and common materials.

Stile Molecular Concrete: new design book now available

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