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Metalco presents CARING ISLAND: designed between adults and children

Holscher Design has developed for Metalco a new type of street furniture “tailored to... adults"

Holscher Design has developed a new type of urban furniture for Metalco "tailored to ... adults": a welcoming oasis for all those grown-ups who are called to take care of the little ones, consisting of circular pavilions that house different functional areas. These are real modular equipped areas, equipped with changing tables, breastfeeding benches, seats, tables and spaces dedicated to children.

Caring Island is designed to simplify the everyday life of all those who are facing the contemporary logic of life in the city. Its purpose is to create a safe haven - a veritable open and accessible oasis yet sheltered and intimate, designed to be welcoming. This unique project introduces innovative elements, which normally would not find space in public places, giving life to a new type of environment at the service of sociability and designed to improve the quality of time spent with the family.

Caring Island was born from a profound analysis of the role that gardens and playgrounds should play in the urban ecosystem: a radical rethinking that came to life from a fruitful dialogue with Inglesina, the Italian company that has been close to parents throughout the world for over 50 years, accompanying them daily with solutions of excellence. The awareness that public spaces must increasingly become places of aggregation to build healthy and thriving communities, was born from listening to their requirements, from understanding their daily needs. Thanks to a synergy of skills, ideas, and history, Caring Island is a project that aims to take care of the well-being and safety of children, without forgetting the needs, daily difficulties, and comfort of adults who are called to take care of them.



  • Via della Fornace, 44, 31023 Resana TV, Italy
  • Metalco