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New Hushoffice A11 lounge armchair

The A11 is the first step by Hushoffice beyond its line of acoustic booths. It is a modern, designer, futuristic, and functional lounge chair, available in a closed version (A11) and an open version (A11.open). It allows you to create your own private space to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. At the same time, the A11 chair provides the comfort associated with luxury and a unique experience that will enrich your working day as well as offer some moments of relaxation. Thanks to its cylinder-like form, which encloses its users on almost all sides, it keeps you safe from the risk of direct contact with anyone else.

Privacy as a new luxury

The A11 lounge chair is a solution based on several equally important principles. Most of all, it gives the users the ability to effectively isolate themselves from their surroundings, to create their own space for work, informal video conferencing (or, simply, relaxation). Whether you are in the office or spend time elsewhere surrounded by others, privacy has a special value today. The development of technology negatively influences the availability of time just for yourself since we are constantly available online. The A11 chair will immediately bring back your sense of privacy.

The closed version of the A11 chair features a sliding front panel that covers the entire upper part of your body. When in the covered position, it also reduces the amount of light that reaches your eyes. Consequently, it allows for much deeper, faster recuperation when you want to relax. The A11 is also the only model on the market that allows for so-called power naps without the discomfort of being watched by others. The darkened interior is also perfect for creating a "mini cinema room" to watch a video on a tablet or smartphone.

The overall design is chic and futuristic. The original, exclusive design is the creation of Przemysław "Mac" Stopa, the founder and the chief designer of Massive Design, an award-winning architectural studio whose specialty is office and public interiors design. The leitmotif of the design work, which determines the futuristic shape of the chair, was the anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Today, spaceflights are no longer a vision of the future – they are the future, because "the future is happening now", so let's adapt our furniture and space as well. The design is enclosed in a cylindrical form that resembles a cocoon, with a comfortable seat inside that has visually separate elements (backrest, headrest, etc.). Chair users can also easily access the built-in USB port.

Privacy in an age of mobility

This lounge chair is intended not just for modern offices but also as a complementary element for hotel lobbies, airports, shopping malls, co-working spaces, reception areas, waiting rooms, conference spaces, and chill-out zones. The A11 is therefore a functional solution that fits the mobile nature of today's office and co-working spaces, providing an isolated zone which gives a sense of security.

The A11 lounge chair is more than just its advantages – more importantly, it is about the resultant unique experience. Inside the A11, you may feel like you are occupying a specially prepared, comfortable, and functional workstation – prepared for you with precision worthy of space travel. This is an entirely new quality enabling you to remain focused or relaxed at the workplace.

Modern work mode

The A11 is a product that changes the previously accepted, archaic rules of work and encourages a modern, creative approach instead. It is a place in which you can take a nap during a break between projects, so you can resume work with fresh energy. With the A11 you can work in the middle of an airport or hotel lobby without worrying about anything or anyone around you. It is your individual space where you can feel safe and productive – a cylindrical form that surrounds you on almost every side. The A11 will become your favorite isolation, comfort, and calm-down center.

The A11 is the first Hushoffice brand design that does not extend the line of acoustic booths, but matches them perfectly. The Hushoffice offer creates acoustically-friendly working "mobile" and functional offices. The new lounge chair naturally extends the capabilities of the current range of acoustic solutions.

The A11 will be available for purchase starting from May 10th, so reach out to your Hushoffice dealer today!

Technical features of the A11 lounge chair:

 The lounge chair is available in a closed version with a sliding front panel (A11) and an open version (A11.open)

 The entire frame of the lounge chair is made of high-quality board

 The interior is upholstered in high-quality Italian wool

 It has a four-arm, chrome-coated armchair foot

 Inside there is a seat, armrest, backrest, and headrest – all formed as modular elements, visually separate from each other

 Built-in USB port

 Sliding front panel mechanism to allow for complete isolation from the environment

 The armchair has acoustic properties, naturally complementing other acoustic office solutions

 Width 38 in / 95 cm, height 64 in / 163 cm


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