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The bold A11 lounge chair from Hushoffice™ to be presented at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

We’re proud to announce that the A11 armchair will be presented at EXPO 2020 Dubai at the new exhibition Creative by Nature held from November, 18th till December, 1st at the Poland Pavillion. The exhibition promoting Polish innovation, design and art is part of the general theme of EXPO 2020 and the main slogan of the Polish Pavilion: Poland. Creativity inspired by nature.

The exhibition’s Art Director, Dorota Koziara, describes it as a presentation of selected, the most interesting and innovative products of Polish industry and craftsmanship, many of them inspired by the beauty of Nature. The designs are contemporary interpretations of traditional craftsmanship techniques using natural materials.

We’re thrilled that the brave, futuristic A11 lounge chair has been recognized and selected for the show as one of the outstanding designs representing this approach.

A11 lounge chair presented in EXPO 2020 Dubai
A11 lounge chair presented in EXPO 2020 Dubai

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