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ENGAGE.INSPIRE.ADAPT for teamwork with hushWall!

HushWall is the most recent product within the offer of the Hushoffice brand, owned by Mikomax – the manufacturer of modular office furniture and acoustic cabins. HushWall is a mobile partition that enables flexible division of an office into zones and provides vertical workspace. The mobile wall comprises a carcass to ensure the possibility of the following configurations: the wall may take a form of a mobile partition with a felt panel, a mobile wall with a dry-wipe board, and an adjustable multimedia wall with place for a TV holder. The partition provides the opportunity to create new ways of office space divisions and quickly adapts to changing working conditions.

Creating new workplaces has never been easier!

HushWall will successfully replace classic flipcharts. It will be very useful during training courses and workshops. It will allow for the flexible division of an office into zones for additional work. It is a product which, just like the entire Hushoffice line, supports effective work in flexible office spaces, says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager at Mikomax. HushWall enables segmenting office space in real time in order to create workplaces adjusted to ongoing tasks. It provides the opportunity to create new ways of partitioning office spaces and quickly adapts to changing working conditions – without the need to involve installers and perform adaptation works in an office.

The wall weights enough to ensure exceptional stability while remaining easy to move – the product is fully portable, it can be rotated by 360 degrees and moved freely around an office. Each side of the partition can be arranged in three different ways – as a dry-wipe board to provide ample work space, as a wall with a felt panel to divide an office into work zones and as a tool for multimedia presentation with a screen or TV attached to facilitate work.

What are the needs of employees working in the new office reality?

Companies are adapting to changing and unpredictable working conditions by designing flexible offices that enable simple and quick rearrangements of the workspace. An office is a place where social relations are established. It promotes teamwork and inspires to look for the best solutions during presentations, workshops and training courses.

The office market has changed significantly over the last year. The pandemic has forced developers in Poland and other Western European countries to slow down the construction of new office buildings. According to Walter Herz report, the total size of office spaces under construction in Warsaw is now the lowest in nine years. Why? Business organisations have changed the perception of their own offices with regard to mass remote working. The goal is not to provide adequate space per employee, but to create a place to work that serves specific functions. Work and meeting spaces can now be arranged. This approach has become very popular for several reasons. Firstly, as daily office work can now be delivered from home, office spaces have become a place for meetings and brainstorming. Secondly, an increasing number of companies operates in a project-based model, which involves building entire teams of people working on given tasks. Finally, smaller businesses are struggling to afford the fees for conference room rentals, while they constantly need access to flexible venues and spaces for employee training.

Distinguishing features of the hushWall mobile partition:

1. The carcass is available in two color schemes

2. Each side can be arranged in three ways: felt panel, dry-wipe board, felt panel with place for TV holder

3. Built-in cable gland for TV connection

4. Roller shutter cabinet to store all necessary accessories (markers, indicators, paper, etc.) and have them at hand

5. Mobile base, which additionally affects the stability of the partition

6. Braked castors that ensure easy movement and safe use

7. Dimensions: height 1975 mm, width 1600 mm, depth 320 mm (depth with base: 630 mm)

The product is currently available for sale in Poland and other European markets.

HushWall office divider on wheels
HushWall office divider on wheels

HushWall office screen on casters

HushWall portable office divider on wheels

HushWall mobile whiteboard for office

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