HushWall 2.0 the updated office divider for flexible workspace

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Hushoffice premiere at Orgatec

HushWall 2.0 is new office divider from Hushoffice collection, upgraded to current changeable employee’s needs, giving you more freedom at arranging final look and purpose of the product. HushWall 2.0 allows for configuration in few main options, thus provides different extra functionalities. In flexible office you can choose, which of them you need for employees.

HushWall 2.0 is mobile office divider for flexible dividing office spaces into subzones, at the same time it can ensuring vertical work space, or office “greenery point” and open shelves as a decorative element in the office. It gives the possibility to create new office space layouts and quickly adjusts it to changing working conditions – without the need to involve installers and perform adaptation works in the office. The product is fully mobile, it can be rotated 360 degrees and can be moved freely on the office surface.

The new version of hushWall is based on modified frame, which gives opportunity to more configuration options. You can arrange hushWall 2.0 in following options:

• with pot covers, thanks to which the mobile wall becomes a mobile green wall (the casings hold pots up to 12 cm in diameter);

• with bookshelves, on which you can in fact place any items you need in your office space.

And you can mix it up as you want – i.e. one side with pot covers, other with shelves, or even shuffle it on one side.

You can also choose all options so far available in first hushWall, with covered each side, that is:

• whiteboard;

• aesthetic felt panel;

• felt panel with place for TV mount.

Thanks to modified frame, the product is much lighter, while maintaining the same dimensions of the assembled product, i.e. 1975 mm height, 1600 mm width, 320 mm depth (630 mm depth with the base). You can also choose optional cabinet closed with a roller shutter, as an extra storage for everything you need. Product has castors with brakes that allow easy sliding and safe use.

The first presentation of hushWall 2.0 will take place at Orgatec 2022, in Hushoffice stand no. K-050, in hall 10.2.

Hushoffice HushWall 2.0 portable divider for flex office
Hushoffice HushWall 2.0 portable divider for flex office

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