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NEW: double bed by MisuraEmme

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The voluptuous and cozy shape of Sumo, designed by Mauro Lipparini, is reinterpreted through the use of material and chromatic contrasts.

The bi-material upholstery, presented in brown suede for the bed frame and the rear side of the headboard and in light grey fabric for the front side - which is characterised by a lightly quilted motif - enhances the all-embracing comfort, peculiarity of this upholstered bed.

The usual artisan attention to every tiny detail emphasizes the combination of the different materials, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of the product.

Available with a storage compartment and a 2-position liftable slatted bed base, it presents a structure in poplar multilayer, an extraordinary material, symbol of environmental protection and sustainable economic development.

NEW: double bed by MisuraEmme

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