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ALA table

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Mid-century appeal with an aerodynamic design

Always attentive to changes in taste and trends of the contemporary furnishing landscapes, classic design is also an endless source of inspiration for MisuraEmme.

A stellar example of this versatility is the ALA table designed by Ferruccio Laviani: inspired by a love for the 1950s classics, yet very futuristic in its design, which resembles that of an airplane, given by the top, defined by a thin edge making it appear as though it is suspended in mid-air and ready to take off. The slim and delicate wooden tapered legs add to the aerodynamic perception, which inspires its name, Ala, wing.

The dining table is one of the most important hubs of any modern home. It is the backbone of a good dinner party, enabling scintillating conversations between family and friends. Whether small or stately, linear or curved, there are a variety of exciting options available in the MisuraEmme tables collections.

A bold statement version of the Ala table is the ideal solution for big living spaces: stretching up to 3.10 metres in length, in additions to the vast range of materials already available in the MisuraEmme collection, it is enriched by the latest finishes of the structure available in antiqued matt lacquered Dark Bronze, Graphite and Brass.

The round version - with a marble tabletop and finished solid wood as a base - is the perfect choice for more contained environments and it also comes with an optional revolving Lazy Susan marble top, whereas the semi-oval top is available in all marble options, in bevelled crystal in the finishes Natural transparent, Mandarin or Fumé glass. The load bearing structure features finishes in tobacco, black or opaque lacquered oak.

100% made in Italy, MisuraEmme products combine tradition and avant-garde – designed by renowned architects and carefully crafted by skilled Brianza professionals. The company is able to offer furniture lines characterised by a high level of customisation which, together with the excellence of the materials and special artisanal processes, have always been the ace in the hole of MisuraEmme.

ALA table

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