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NEW: aluminum wire mesh cable tray by MP Husky

Center-supported cable tray systems, Husky Centray®, from MP Husky saves time and money in those lighter-duty cable support projects that do not require traditional dual side rail cable tray. A single hanger rod is used at each support point. This reduces support requirements and eliminates pulling cable through the supports, as cables can be layed in on both sides. Very few fittings and variations, as well as single bolt connections, add to the simplicity and lower the cost of installation on this system.

Husky Centray® rungs come already attached transversely through either the top or bottom of the center tubular rail. The Centray EZ-Clip or a two bolt splice connector joins sections together quickly and easily.

Husky Centray cable tray system saves time and money

No elbow fittings required

50% less labor

75% less components and hardware than standard trays

Pre-attached top and bottom rung designs

Meets NEMA 12B qand 12C


  • MP Husky