bergamo Simplico [floor or wall electric / ethanol fireplace]
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Bergamo's Simplico is available as an ethanol or Opti-myst electric chimney. This convertible fireplace can be used as a wall or standing fireplace. Simple construction despite massive quality.

The Simplico by bergamo is a modern, straight-lined fireplace that can be flexibly used both as a standing and as a wall fireplace. The bracket included in the package also allows the subsequent wall mounting. The Simplico is available in the colors pure white or black gray. On request, we can of course also produce the fireplace in your desired RAL color.

The Simplico as electric chimney - Opti-myst variant:

The Simplico Opti-myst electric fireplace is not a common mass product. He comes from solid craftsmanship, which convinced immediately at the first sight or touch. You buy quailty and thoughtful custom work. The Simplico convinces not only by its appealing design, but also by its features with the patented Opti-myst 3D wood fire effect.

The combination of light and fog technology creates a very realistic three-dimensional flame image. An ultrasonic nebulizer atomises the water in a container inside the chimney. The water mist is led over color-coordinated halogen lamps. Due to their heat, the fog licks up like a flame and is illuminated by the lamps. The fog thus acts as a real flame, which is hardly distinguishable even from a small distance from a real fire. Thus, the electric fireplace immerses every room in a comforting and soothing atmosphere and improves the indoor air by increasing the humidity. The wood fire effect can also be operated without heating power.

The Simplico as a bio-fireplace:

The burning of bioethanol takes place in the muenkel design ethanol combustion chamber safetybox. The high-quality bioethanol combustion chamber has excellent safety and combustion characteristics thanks to the Micro-Pore system, the Anti-Slop-Over overflow protection and the innovative mechanical glow sensor. It meets even the highest requirements in the public sector, such as catering and the hotel industry, and forms the heart of every muenkel design bioethanol fireplace.

In addition to the internal chamber for combustion, the safety box has an additional outer drip pan, which offers additional safety against the leakage of ethanol. Both chambers are subject to muenkel design quality control and have been tested for leaks on every safety box.

Harmonious flame formation with comfortable operation

From a long-term development phase at the experienced stove manufacturer muenkel design, this professional burner insert was created, which meets the highest standards of comfort and functionality. To regulate and extinguish the flames, the ethanol chimney includes a slide valve with which the lid of the combustion chamber can be opened and closed (steplessly). With this mechanism special emphasis was placed on the fact that perfect regulation is possible even when hot.

Also the flame formation, which is one of the hallmarks of the safety box, was perfected in the tests by optimal circulation. In addition, the safety box ethanol combustion chamber not only looks classy due to the glass beads of matte-blasted stainless steel, but is also less sensitive to soiling. For a beautiful flame and optimal health compatibility, we recommend our high-quality fuel Gala Ethanol 96.6%.

bergamo Simplico [floor or wall electric / ethanol fireplace]

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