muenkel design Torino [electric fireplace Opti-myst]
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The electric fireplace Torino from muenkel design is available in different natural stone variants such as slate. Simple construction despite massive optics.

The muenkel design Torino Opti-myst electric fireplace is a real eye-catcher for every living room. He embodies furnishing with style. The tall shape of the Torino makes rooms look higher. The combination of aluminum, glass and stone creates an interesting mix of materials that creates an exciting look. Torino not only impresses with its attractive design, but also with its equipment with the patented Opti-myst 3D wood fire effect.

The delivery time of several weeks results from the fact that each chimney is produced as a custom-made product to meet the special preferences of the buyer.

The combination of light and fog technology creates a very realistic three-dimensional flame image. An ultrasonic nebulizer atomizes the water in a container inside the fireplace. The water mist is led over color-coordinated halogen lamps. Due to their warmth, the fog pricks up like a flame and is illuminated by the lamps. The fog looks like a real flame, which can hardly be distinguished from a real fire even from a short distance. The electric fireplace immerses every room in a cozy and calming atmosphere and improves the air in the room by increasing the air humidity.

The Torino offers something very special in that it is the first complete electric fireplace to be completely glazed with Opti-myst 3D technology. This is something special because Opti-myst inserts are usually not designed to be surrounded by glass. The reason for this is that due to the water mist, the glass fogs up from the inside, since it cannot pull off.

A solution was found for the Torino. There is a fume hood in the chimney hood above the fire, through which the moist air escapes and cannot accumulate in the combustion chamber.

We recommend connecting the Torino to a permanent water pipe or an external tank system, as the full glazing makes it much more difficult to remove and refill the internal tank.

If you have any questions about installing the Torino, we are of course available to you with the usual competent support.

muenkel design Torino [electric fireplace Opti-myst]

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