muenkel design Nook [electric corner fireplace Opti-myst / ethanol corner fireplace]
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The nook corner fireplace from muenkel design is available either as an ethanol or Opti-myst electric fireplace. The different sizes allow it to be added to any corner of the room.

The Nook corner fireplace from muenkel design was designed to meet the highest demands on design and quality. The fireplace has a very high quality powder coating and is available in three different colors and two sizes as standard. On request and at an additional cost, Nook can be made in any RAL color and your desired size.

Nook can be placed at any other location at any time - a socket is sufficient (connecting cable 1.5 m, black). A simple change of location can take place or the corner chimney Nook can also be moved to a new apartment if you change apartments.

The Nook as an electric fireplace - Opti-myst variant:

The electric fireplace Nook not only impresses with its attractive design, but also with its equipment with the patented Opti-myst 3D wood fire effect. In the new generation of electric fireplaces, a combination of light and fog technology can be used to create a very realistic three-dimensional flame pattern.

An ultrasonic nebulizer atomizes the water in a container in the chimney. The water mist is led over color-coordinated halogen lamps. Due to their warmth, the fog pricks up like a flame and is illuminated by the lamps. As a result, the fog looks like a real flame that can hardly be distinguished from a real fire from a little distance. The Nook electric fireplace immerses its surroundings in a cozy and soothing atmosphere.

The flame effect can be switched separately, so it can also be used independently of the optionally available heating. With an output of 1,000 / 2,000 watts, depending on the size of the room or apartment, the Nook electric fireplace can be used as a full or additional transition heating in cold months.

The Nook as a bio fireplace:

The muenkel design safety burner is the successor to the proven safety box. It represents a high-quality bioethanol combustion chamber, which convinces with its micro-pore system, anti-slop-over protection and the innovative mechanical glow sensor due to its excellent safety and combustion properties. It was specially developed for integration into self-designed ethanol fireplaces and meets the highest requirements in the area of ​​gastronomy and the hotel industry. The safety burner is at the heart of individual creations - the burner insert.

In addition to the inner chamber for combustion, the safety burner has an additional outer drip pan, which offers additional security against the leakage of ethanol. Both chambers are subject to muenkel design quality control and have been tested for leaks at every safety burner.

This professional burner application, which meets the highest standards of comfort and functionality, was developed from a long-term development phase at the experienced stove manufacturer muenkel design. There is a slider inside the combustion chamber, which is easily guided by a sophisticated mechanism. Special emphasis was placed on ensuring that perfect regulation is still possible even when hot.

The flame formation, which is one of the hallmarks of the safety burner, was also perfected in the tests through optimal circulation. Thanks to the brushed stainless steel, the safety burner ethanol combustion chamber not only looks classy, ​​it is also less sensitive to dirt. The combustion chamber is very versatile. It can be integrated into all non-combustible materials (e.g. stainless steel, natural stone, concrete, etc.) and is used, for example, in all muenkel design bioethanol fireplaces. For optimal combustion without unpleasant smells and without harmful additives, we recommend the fuel Gala Ethanol 96.6%.

muenkel design Nook [electric corner fireplace Opti-myst / ethanol corner fireplace]

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