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Special Edition 2020

Muranti Furniture
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Bleached Coral

Inspired by the "Great Barrier Reef corals" which have died in the last three years, the creative duo Jack + Huei wants to impact mentality with the color of the year and make the earth a better place - because this is everyone´s responsibility.

Muranti was not indifferent to this cause and created this special edition with products in the color of the year, 2020. The world, which has welcomed us, deserves that retribution. Let yourself be inspired...

Nakita Sofa
Nakita Sofa

Nakita is a mid-century modern sofa who looked simply stunning in her soft lines. Upholstered in Cream Cotton Velvet combined with a structure and legs in Figured Oak finished with extremely elegant brass accents. Let the light and the comfort of soft nights invade your modern home decor with this sofa.

Shappire Chaise Loungue

Sapphire helps to strengthen and balance the heart. It represents love, joy, happiness, affection and kindness and will help you overcome in a loving way grief and sadness. Sapphire Chaise longue is the perfect harmony with design and gracefulness, is a joyous assault for senses. It is beauty invites to immerse at the moment and experience the thrill of a chaise longue that invites you to relax and enjoy your tranquil, luxurious space.

Morganite Dining Chair

Blue beryl morganite is a stone of clarity and emotional cleansing, and potently enhances one’s courage with fervor and gusto. Morganite Dining Chair is a piece of Heaven. So, hold your blue morganite dining chair in your hand and feel its cooling essence permeate your dining room.

Neila Dining Chair

Perfect for any dining room, Neila is a modern dining chair in Solid American Walnut wood with metal details on is legs. This piece has a distinct and incomparable class, fitting perfectly in any sober but yet stylish home decor.

Mailu Bar Chair

Mailu is a Mid Century classic bar stool which makes up any refined ambient. Made with American walnut and mint green cotton velvet. Let the fever of this style entry in any decoration.

Jet Armchair

A Jet Stone is a natural, organic and fossilized wood that has been long considered one of the most powerful healing stones to help alleviate grief. Jet stones facilitate the release of anger, fear, griefand feelings of depression, bringing them to the surface, and forcing you to deal with them, so you can begin healing. Jet Armchair it’s cosy, it’s a pleasure both for the eyes and the touch. Upholstered in velvet and Polished Brass finishes, make this piece unmistakably luxury.

Csarite Cabinet

Ten thousand times rarer than a diamond, Csarite is a variety of Diaspore discovered in Turkey. Allied to functionality, the Csarite Drinks Cabinet exudes sensations and mark moments. The greatness of the porcelain, the strength of the American Walnut and the richness of the gold leaf combined with the tranquility of the blue tones give to this cabinet a fresh and elegant look. A strong combination of materials that transform this piece into a visual composition, designed to enhance any space.

Peyto Rug

Peyto Lake is another of those stretches of water which will take you by surprise at the startling azure blue color of its waters. Located high up in the Canadian Rockies at an altitude of over six thousand feet, it is incorporated in the boundaries of the Banff National Park. Peyto rug is a soft and minimalist rug with its simple lines. Peyto is a contemporary rug that suits perfectly in any interior, due to its harmonious color.

Watercolor Stripe

Create an atmosphere more casual and luxurious with the watercolor stripe pillow. Made with the best materials all, you need is to choose, simple or with the pattern. Perfect to make elegant interior decor! Can you resist?

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