Individual Ladders through the new building blocks system

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Furthermore there are new systems for you to choose from, such as: the TANGENS Ladder Akzent, the VARIO Ladder Akzent and the VARIO-TELESCOPE Ladder Akzent.

1. Akzent or Klassik?

The first step is the decision concerning the design of the basic body. Is a rounded-off or square shaped ladder stringer preferred? We‘re happy to help with your selection.

2. Ladder head: The head of the ladder determines the functionality of this new piece of equipment. The function depends on the situation in which the ladder is being used.

3. Steps: Your unique ladder is designed in this stage. You specify the material, shape, colour, and surface texture. In case of high ladders, we recommend the use of flat wooden or stainless steel steps.

4. ladder base: The base of the ladder also influences its function. Should the ladder be able to be moved back and forth by lifting or with rollers?

5. ACCESSORIES Selection of accessories

Individual Ladders through the new building blocks system

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