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Marble-Inspired Design from Neolith Takes Home Two Prestigious Design Awards

Calacatta, designed by Neolith, continues to gain recognition with its two latest achievements for outstanding building materials.

NEOLITH®, a high performance Sintered Compact Surfacing brand manufactured by Spanish company TheSize Surfaces SL, continues to gain recognition with its celebrated Calacatta design from its Classtone Collection. Adding to a slew of awards, NEOLITH®’s marble-inspired design, Calacatta, recently took home the 2016 Bronze A’ Design Award and the 2016 Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award. Only products that set themselves apart have the honor to receive these prestigious awards from the international design community.

The famed Calacatta in the Classtone Collection is suitable for a multitude of applications from interior to exterior design, seamlessly blending the high-end look of marble with innovative design and technical features innate to the NEOLITH® material. The Calacatta model features a bright white backdrop to allow the intricate veining that is synonymous with the white marbles from Carrara, Italy to truly stand out. In order to achieve the design, NEOLITH® utilizes its proprietary Neolith Digital Design (NDD) technology, a state-of-the-art decoration technique to achieve marble-like features. The result is a surface that is virtually indistinguishable from marble, but made to stand up to the rigors of daily life.


  • NEOLITH by TheSize