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NEW: wall-mounted decorative panel by NEOLITH by TheSize

NEOLITH by TheSize
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The Estatuario model in the Classtone collection stands out due to its faithful interpretation of Carraramarble. A combination of thick and subtle veins crossing a pure white background provides the Estatuario with a design that exudes elegance and decorates any space where it's used with a touch of freshness, class and beauty.

The Carrara Estatuario is a material that is in high demand nowadays due to the global trend to use white veined marble in homes. Estatuario by Neolith meets this market demand by offering the inherent design of this natural stone along with the innate resistance of Sintered Compact Surfaces.

Currently, the Estatuario by Neolith model comes in 3 different versions, with their respective backsides in order to create bookmatch designs and more variety of choice.

This model in particular features predominant veins typical of Estatuario and denser meshes inherent to Calacatta which make Estatuario E04 and E05 very original designs that are difficult to find on the market.

NEW: wall-mounted decorative panel by NEOLITH by TheSize

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