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NEW: wall-mounted decorative panel by NEOLITH by TheSize

NEOLITH by TheSize
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The collection, which includes 7 different models ranging from light colors such as Estatuario, Calacatta or Marfil to the darker ones, such as Pulpis, brings great added value to the architectural world. In addition, the Onyx model composed of translucent clays can be backlit, allowing to create unusual environments with unique personality.

Neolith counts with innovative techniques and cutting edge technology as the NDD (Neolith Digital Design) to create exclusive designs with superior properties.

After a rigorous trends and styles analysis phase, Neolith latest collection, Classtone, expands with new models, finishes and thicknesses to get even closer to the architectural needs of each market, being the ideal choice for a wide range of styles and possibilities application.

Design, durability, versatility and sustainability are the attributes that best describe this innovative material.

NEW: wall-mounted decorative panel by NEOLITH by TheSize

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