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NEOLITH® La Bohème

Winner of the Muuuz International Awards 2016

TheSize has won the Muuuz International Awards 2016 with NEOLITH® La Bohème, from the Timber Collection.

Created through the company’s proprietary digital printing technology, Neolith Digital Design (NDD), La Bohème, is a startlingly realistic reproduction of a natural wooden trunk, inspired by the stem of a Lebanese Cedar.

To bring the design closer to nature, both in appearance and texture, the Sintered Compact Surface goes through an embossing process that gives the surface its 3D appearance, emphasising the genuineness of NEOLITH® La Bohème and bringing it to life. The product is an archetype of the company’s dedication to creating out-of-the-box designs, with limitless installation possibilities, from interior washrooms to exterior swimming pools, and kitchen fit outs to exterior cladding.

Organised by the ArchiDesignClub in partnership with Muuuz and leading architectural magazine D’a, the MIAW AWARDS are dedicated to products and projects based on aesthetic, uniqueness, and technical excellence. The Muuuz editorial team organised and studied 2,500 deserving entries into 7 categories spanning Construction and Architecture Layout, Lighting, and Coatings and Materials.

The winning suppliers and designers from the 15 participating countries received their trophies during an award ceremony at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental Opera in Paris on 2nd June.


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