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BANK NEOLITH® Calacatta, A'Design Award Platinum Award

BANK NEOLITH® Calacatta, A'Design Award Platinum Award

BANK, the draft submitted by the Agency, has been recognized with the prestigious A 'Design Award - Platinum Award for Design Furniture, Decorations and Housewares in Milan (Italy).

The interesting proposal designed by Sebastian Rial and Federico Senociaín, featuring furniture designed for the kitchen, looking dilute any kind of limit on the environment; creating a flexible and non-hierarchical domestic space that promotes a meeting in order to create experiences that allow users to regain maximum senses.

To redefine the kitchen table, the Agency has chosen NEOLITH® Calacatta as one of the predominant materials used as countertop, which together with oak provides contrast and functionality.

The remarkable countertop is supported by a galvanized steel trestle, encouraging a dynamic and open design intended for different uses depending on the needs of each user.

The Agency is the first study of Uruguayan design won an award at the Platinum Award A'Design Milan. According to Sebastian Rial, "we are committed to building a national culture of design, and it is with this objective that we are an active part of the House of Design Uruguay and which have the license to use the mark country Uruguay Natural ".

For its part NEOLITH® has also recently been awarded the A 'Design Award - Bronze Award in the category of Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures and Systems Design; with the same model used in the bank, the Calacatta model.

An important recognition in the world of design, which is also known for its select rating system.

Thus, the surface Sintered Compact NEOLITH® is chosen to give life to "a kitchen table that incorporates reinterpreted many facilities and aims to achieve maximum efficiency."


Under that premise, NEOLITH® is integrated into the design of this equipment furniture, as one of the key materials providing superior aesthetics and increasing added value for its impermeability, high resistance to scratching, stains and high temperatures. Improving sustainability to be a 100% natural and recyclable.

With outstanding performance and exceptional design, BANK is a full commitment to the new functionality.


  • Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • LOIC