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International Recognition

2016: Estimar, Rafa Zafra

With just 16 years, Rafa Zafra (born in Seville, Spain), starts Developing His Love for the Andalusian cuisine. After school, works in prestigious Michelin Star restaurants Several: such as Tristan, Aldebaran, Arzak, Arnolfo, Antica Trattoria, Calima or La Terraza del Casino; Until I returns to Seville for becoming Head Chef of The Hacienda Benazuza and elBullihotel's collaborator, keeping 2 Michelin Stars and 2 Soles Repsol.

Afterwards, Rafa Continues Working with the Adrià brothers in different gastronomic projects, until, finally in 2016 opens His staff MOST project: ESTIMATE. The restaurant located in Barcelona created to convey His love for the Mediterranean, making a tribute to the seafood products.

ESTIMATE just has-been Recognized as "Best New Restaurant of Barcelona" by Macarfi Rookie Awards, the guide of the Condal City Local's restaurants. The restaurant in Neolith Which is present Pulpis Silk With the model applied in the floor. A model That Transmits power, sobriety and elegance With a play of contrast and shades and volumes in combination With other architectural elements of lighter tones.


  • Barcelona, Spain