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New video of Diffuse radiant system

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Diffuse is a dry radiant system floor completely accessible which does not require any cement screed.

It is lightweight, fast and easy to install, can be immediately walked on and has a very low thermal inertia.

Designed to optimize the highest thermal efficiency, Diffuse system is the maximum evolution of radiant raised floor, thanks to the total accessibility: each panel can be removed and repositioned without any constraint, thus allowing full accessibility to the underfloor in order to make maintenance and /or modifications to the systems or to vary the configuration of the rooms with the addition

or new positioning of work-stations.

Diffuse allows a big energy saving and an optimal distribution of the temperature; moreover, trough an advanced control system, it gives a perfect thermal regulation of the system, able to compensate even abrupt changes of the room's temperature.

Thanks to absence of architectural costraint, finally, Diffuse gives maximum freedom of design and high comfort guaranteed by the uniform distribution of the heat and the absence of convective motion of air in the room.

For more details have a look at our video dedicated to the installation of Diffuse system in the related section of our website

New video of Diffuse radiant system

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