Laying a private path

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implementation steps

408 m² of Nidagravel® were used to lay a garden path. This allows the owner to drive on it, safe in the knowledge that the gravel will remain stable and the path will be free of puddles, potholes and rutting. Nidagravel® can be used to mix plant- and mineral-based elements for an attractive, long-lasting solution.

gravel path with nidagravel
gravel path with nidagravel

how to lay up nidagravel ?

laying tips nidagravel - badding course

cover the foundation layer with a badding course and compact the structure

filling the nidagravel with gravel

to ensure that water filters through well and the cavities are filled properly, opt for 6/10 or 8/15 type sifting gravel

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