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Our products - winners of Red Dot Award 2016

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Play&Work Furniture System and SitagTeam chair won Design Oscar and are now among best-designed products of 2016

The collection of the best-designed products of the year 2016 now includes the Play&Work furniture system and the SitagTeam chair made by Nowy Styl Group. These two products won prestigious Red Dot Award 2016 in categories: Office Furniture System and Chair Family.


– When we were working on the Play&Work system, our intention was to create a product with eye-catching design. We decided to entrust German designers from the WertelOberfell studio with this demanding task. We knew that they would rise to the challenge because we had worked with them in the past while creating our managerial furniture eRange. They drew their inspiration mainly from the Bauhaus style – says Katarzyna Pluta, Marketing Manager at Nowy Styl Group.

The U-shaped desk leg, which is made of a round steel profile, resembles the base of the chair designed by Walter Gropius at the beginning of the 20th century, while the ladder-shaped vertical panel makes explicit reference to the balcony balustrade at the Bauhaus building. Other key elements of the system are finishes – unconventional materials, such as linoleum or wool, and the specially chosen colour concept.

– We chose the Bauhaus school not without reason. Designers of this current claimed that design is not only art, but also a means to an end. In Nowy Styl Group we treat design and aesthetic properties of furniture as tools to create an effective and aesthetically pleasing space, so we share exactly the same point of view.

According to research, 76% of employees claim that unconventional office fit-out can have a positive influence on their productivity. Cooperation, quick information exchange, adaptation and flexibility – these are the key aspects not only of contemporary offices, but also of our everyday lives. The Play&Work furniture is a solution that allows employees to keep up with the dynamically changing tasks and enhances their development at the same time. The system aids in creating an outstanding office where the generation Y employees can feel at home and whose style strengthens the individual character of every organisation.

Sitag Team

The evolutionary Sitag Team series reconciles the requirements of function and form, emphasising the unique combination of new ergonomic standards, high design quality and clear formal vocabulary.

The entire Sitag Team family of chairs, of which the cantilever is part, stems from the German design team 2DO-Design (Dietmar Fissl and Angela Eberhardt) and presents a compelling visual proposition throughout. The line of the frame, which looks like a continuous ribbon, is a deliberately unusual design feature. The Sitag Team cantilever chair looks delicate and is supremely comfortable at the same time; its lightness harmonises with modern, multipurpose office spaces and it makes a steadfast and self-confident impression. The flat cushions that match the delicate linearity of the chair are made even more comfortable by the addition of a mesh support.

– The entire Sitag Team family of chairs is exceptional and the self-confident lightness of the cantilevered version is an outstanding fit for innovative work environments – says Toni Lee, CEO of Sitag in Switzerland – We have successfully combined modern ergonomics and high design quality in an innovative package.

Design Oscar

The Red Dot Design Award given by the Design Zentrum in Essen is called a Design Oscar. For the first time it was awarded in 1955. This year, only in the "Product Design" category, not fewer than 5,200 products and innovations from 57 different countries had been entered for this competition.

The Red Dot award ceremony was traditionally held in the opera house Aalto-Theater in Essen. All the awarded products will be presented in museums of contemporary design, such as the Red Dot Design Museum, the former coal mine Zollverein in Essen that is inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list, and the branch of the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore.

It is not the first "red dot" for the Nowy Styl Group's products – this prestigious award has already been given to the Tiger chair by the Grammer Office brand, the SITAGEGO armchair (designed by Volker Eysing) and the SITAGWAVE armchair (designed by Uli Witzig).

The unique design of Play&Work was appreciated before the event as well – at the beginning of the year the furniture system won the Iconic Awards competition.

Our products -  winners of Red Dot Award 2016

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