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Office Inspiration Centre

Patrycja Grzybowska
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Space for inspiration

For us, an office is a place where people realise their business processes. Using our unique KNOW-HOW, we would like to inspire our partners and educate them on how to arrange healthy, effective and employee-friendly workspaces.

The Office Inspiration Centre is an indication of our continuous development. It is not only an exhibition of the latest furniture solutions in attractive arrangements, but also a place where we would like to hold inspiring discussions and share our knowledge and experience with others.

Why is it worth visiting the Office Inspiration Centre?

• You will see how global social trends influence trends in designing contemporary offices

• You will discover innovative technologies used in the building and its interiors

• You will find out how an office space can influence people's senses

• You will see inspiring and diverse spaces arranged with Nowy Styl Group's products

• You will become familiarised with all details and functionalities of our products

Visit us and discover our space for inspiration.

The Office Inspiration Centre is a place that combines inspiration with education in the field of arranging effective and functional office spaces for modern organisations. In the area covering 1,500 m2 we have paid attention to detail to ensure the Centre represents the best workspace model.

The Office Inspiration Centre is divided into three storeys: meeting area, workshop area and office area.

Meeting area

Level 0 is a welcome zone.

Office area

Level +1 is an office space inspired by the Activity Based Working concept.

Workshop area

Level -1 is called a workshop area – a place designed for training courses.

Creation zone for architects

We have arranged a special creation zone for architects. Its most important element is a huge table at which architects can choose finishes that match a particular colour concept.


The Office Inspiration Centre is located near the main access road to Cracow (Poland). It takes only ten to twenty minutes to get there from the main railway station or Balice Airport.

Office Inspiration Centre

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