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To sit or to STAND?

Patrycja Grzybowska
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Employers are becoming increasingly aware that their employees’ health and well-being are resources that are just as precious as their qualifications, knowledge of foreign languages and time. Since the work environment exerts a significant impact on people’s health, it is necessary to think about how to arrange and equip an office properly.

One of the factors that is most harmful to people’s health is a sedentary lifestyle. Specialists warn that a sitting posture causes vascular and metabolic diseases to develop. What’s more, when people do not get enough exercise, they put on weight more easily, which puts pressure on their joints and bones.. A very common complaint is pain in the lumbar part of the spine, which can be extremely annoying and prevents employees from working efficiently. A lack of exercise also increases stress levels, which causes many dangerous illnesses. However, there is a simple solution that can significantly increase work comfort – sit-to-stand desks. They allow employees to change their body position more frequently, regardless of the type of tasks they perform at any given moment. The desks differ from each other in terms of their adjustment range and functionality. We encourage you to discover the solutions we offer and choose the ones you consider best for you and your company.

To sit or to STAND?

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