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Tepee: Isolate yourself from stimuli

Patrycja Grzybowska
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Inspiration - KNOW-HOW

Noise, constant rush, buzzing mobile devices, loud conversations and flashing windows on our computer screens – in a contemporary office, we are distracted by many different stimuli that prevent us from concentrating and working efficiently.We need solutions to help us isolate ourselves from our surroundings sometimes. However, it is not always possible to design a sufficient number of separate rooms or a spacious library where everyone who needs to can concentrate. In these cases, implementing solutions in open spaces turns out to be very helpful.

Freedom of arrangement

Tepee, designed by British designer Hilary Birkbeck, not only increases the functionality of the office, but also enriches the office decor with its unique look. Panels made of thermoformed felt that consist of a wooden structure are the most eye-catching elements of the system. They resemble a slightly wavy roof sheet, but they are made of pressed felt, which feels nice to the touch. More importantly, the walls are light, easy to assemble and available in many different shapes and sizes, making it possible to create various arrangements quickly.

"The office is now in a nomadic state and corporations are also nomadic. They rent buildings – they don’t purchase them any more, and they don’t want to invest in the infrastructure of the buildings. They want to be able to place their product or work environment into an office, so the company can then utilise that office space and, if that company wants to move, it can do so easily. So the furniture or furniture products must be loose and easy to move from one office to another, or even be reconfigurable within that space. The product is very much an environmental thing. We are defining rooms or spaces and work environments with all the furniture we make."

Hilary Birkbeck, Tepee Designer

Tepee: Isolate yourself from stimuli

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