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Corporate office inspired by co-working

Patrycja Lango
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You hear more and more about co-working offices. Beautiful designer spaces in great locations, hosting an intriguing community of people who work differently from others. Can you move the benefits of co-working into corporate offices? How do you create an office space that will trigger the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in people?

According to estimates by DeskMag, in 2018 about 1.7 million people worked in co-working spaces around the world[1]. This trend is becoming increasingly popular, mainly in the United States and Western Europe, but also in Poland more and more of these offices are springing up.

What is co-working anyway? Its essence can be encapsulated in three words: Collaborate, Connect, Create. The international organisation LExC (League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces) says that a co-working space is a wisely designed space available to all people with a passion and managed so as to create a community of creative entrepreneurs who view success more broadly than just through financial results.[2]

To understand the phenomenon of co-working it is a good idea to take a look at the results of the Global Coworking Survey 2017. Things that attract a growing number of employees to co-working spaces are primarily: the atmosphere, interaction with other people and a sense of community. Add work and space cost-efficiency and flexibility on top of that, and you can easily see why offices of this type have become an interesting alternative to working at home, in a coffee shop, or even the infamous corporate open space.

Until recently, co-working offices were used mainly by freelancers and startups. As co-working spaces evolved, their users changed too. A new trend has been seen in the United States over the past several years – an increasing number of corporations are putting their employees in co-working spaces. And while it is cheaper to rent a co-working space compared to traditional long-term rental, it seems that for giants such as Microsoft, HSBC, Facebook or Starbucks it is more important that co-working offers a great environment for cooperation and innovation. [3]


[2] Co-Working Offices in Poland Report


Corporate office inspired by co-working

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