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Minimalist style office: when less is more

Patrycja Lango
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How often do you buy stuff you do not really need? How many times in a month do you empty your fridge of unused products, suddenly past their best-before date? How many of the items surrounding you in your space could you simply get rid of, without missing them even for a moment? And how to break out of this vicious cycle of buying, amassing and throwing away? This is where minimalism could come to the rescue: besides the obvious aesthetic reasons, it can also bring a number of benefits which go to improve your well-being, and consequently the quality of your work.

In interior design, minimalism is primarily characterized by a limited number of colours and items. Superfluous accessories and excessive ornaments are out of the question here. But a seemingly modest colour range does not mean boredom – the colour white, which can make a room seem larger, can be well softened with contrasting black, navy blue or grey. Different shades of green or pastel pink will fit in very well too. Also furniture does not have to be boring – after all, it will be the main decorative element here. Hence, in the minimalist style huge emphasis is placed on their form - interesting shapes, modular solutions or unusual edges can make a space look modern and light. It should be remembered, however, that less furniture and accessories means they will be more exposed, so particular attention should be paid to textures and the quality of materials from which furniture is made. Wood and metal are the dominant materials, as they blend well with glass, ceramics and stone. It is not the excess of items but their absence that makes a space sophisticated here.

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Minimalist style office: when less is more

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