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European LEVEL furniture certificate – learn more

Patrycja Lango
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Announced last autumn, uncovered for investors, manufacturers and retailers on a website today: the new European standard of sustainable development for office furniture FEMB Level. On behalf of the European Office Furniture Federation (FEMB), of which we are a member, we present the most important facts about the certificate.

Level is the first so versatile, accredited and multi-attribute certification system in Europe. Manufacturers, retailers and purchasers of office and non-domestic furniture can now find all information on the new European LEVEL certification system for sustainability online at This has just been announced by the European Office Furniture Federation (FEMB).

Over the past eight years, the umbrella organisation of European office furniture manufacturers has commissioned the development and accreditation of the first multi-attribute standard for certifying sustainable office and non-domestic furniture in Europe.

This makes LEVEL the first Europe-wide sustainability certification in the office and non-domestic furniture sector that takes into account European legislation, green public procurement principles and EU circular economy guidelines.

The certification encompasses the evaluation of all aspects of sustainability within the four defined requirement areas: ‘Materials’, ‘Energy and Atmosphere’, ‘Human and Ecosystem Health’ and ‘Social Responsibility’. It examines and assesses not only the choice of materials employed in the products and their fabrication, but also the social behaviour of the company, its energy consumption and the environmental and human impacts of the chemical components used.

You will find all further certification process details online at

European LEVEL furniture certificate – learn more

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