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Gold for Xilium: we are the winners of German Innovation Award 2019

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Xilium’s comprehensive innovation has now been proven with gold – the Nowy Styl Group has won the German Innovation Award 2019 in the Office Solution category for its unique Xilium chair family from Rohde & Grahl.

The 2019 GOLD German Innovation Award was officially presented by the German Design Council at an award ceremony held at the German Museum of Technology in Berlin on 28 May 2019. This is the second such award we received from the jury, this time for our product’s unique innovation (the Xilium family of chairs had been awarded the German Design Award at the beginning of the year).

More than a chair

The German Innovation Award is not awarded for “ordinary” novelties, but goes exclusively to products that stand out with their focus on the user and a clear advantage over previous solutions. Xilium won in the key evaluation areas: “the level of innovation, benefits for the user and value". The jury’s decision was also based on the innovation strategy, the rational use of energy and resources, the durability of the chair, the maturity of the market, technical quality, function, material and synergy effects. All these factors determined the verdict, according to which Xilium is in the group of the best products.

Gold for Xilium: we are the winners of German Innovation Award 2019

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