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Welcome back… to the office! New report by Nowy Styl

Nowy Styl Group
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Report includes a bunch of useful information that will help you prepare your office space before the employees come back.

As a leader in the field of office space design, Nowy Styl not only completes various projects. We also like to share our knowledge. This time we would like to support companies which open up to welcome their employees after the pandemic. To this end, experts at Nowy Styl have come up with a report titled “Welcome back… to the office!”.

The rules discussed in the report focus around six pillars: workplace safety and hygiene, new workspace organisation, visual communication, operational rules, actions of the management and equipment designed to keep the employees’ safe. All of the above constitute the so called safety puzzle: a network of specific actions and solutions intended to relaunch the office after the pandemic.

The publication should be compulsory reading for all those who are responsible for rearranging office spaces and ensuring safe working conditions. Read on!

Welcome back… to the office! New report by Nowy Styl

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