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The Pure Perfection collection draws its inspiration from the reduced architectures of Japanese teahouses: The integration of interior and exterior environments and the interplay of light and shadow generated by it, just as in the architectural model, is reflected in the semi-transparent linen and wool fabrics.

Luxury Life links, departing from the spirit of Modernism of Mies van der Rohe, representative luxury with reduced clarity. Strong optical stimuli and shining surfaces are coupled with minimalistic designs in a very stylish way. Due to the strict layering of materials, strongly moving, vivid textures are created.

Proved to be innovative, Creative Concept consistently follows contemporary living requirements. The textiles transfer nonchalant sophistication of modern sportswear fashion to the interior setting: Flexible functionality and practicability. The clear signal fabric designs do, very consciously, not subordinate to the design objects of interior decoration but instead present themselves assertively as part of the architecture.

News 2014

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