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Officine Gullo presents the new Ruby Red & Brushed Nickel Project

Officine Gullo
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An old farmhouse, skilfully restored in a definitely contemporary style, hosts the new and notable project RUBIN RED & BRUSHED NICKEL by Officine Gullo

It is an absolutely out of the ordinary house which was designed in order to spend joyful convivial moments, for business meetings or to organize unforgettable parties. A location able to understand and, at the same time, to make a deep passion for vintage cars coexist with a strong inclination for the hospitality of the landlord. The kitchen, in fact, evokes the same colours and the same finishing of one of the vintage cars of the property. The project of the kitchen, tailored by Officine Gullo, fully meets any need providing the pleasant feeling of experiencing the luxury, the beauty and above all the efficiency of one of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies linked to those of a professional kitchen for top quality catering. A unique room where each small detail results from a constant research and handicraft manufacturing.

The RUBY RED & BRUSHED NICKEL project shows three important working islands and an area for wall mounted washing machines made of highly thick steel which is ruby red stove enamelled and with elegant finishing made of brushed nickel. The first island, with a double top made of marble and heating lamps, is meant as a cocktail cabinet and is equipped with an ice maker and a food warmer. The second island, characterized by two lateral “wings” which hide two wheeled food trolleys, is meant, on the contrary, for the professional cooking with a clear-cut distinction between the area for first courses and the one for second courses. In fact, this island is equipped with an induction top, a pasta cooker, a sink for preparation and two ovens, on one side, and with frytop, a fryer and a sink, on the other side. The hood, of significant sizes, is made of satin finished nickel and offers extremely professional performances. The third island, which shows a top characterized by one single plate of steel longer than 4 meters, is meant for preparation and includes a meat slicer, a blast chiller, a vacuum packing device and a 1.10meter sink in addition to a refrigerator and a freezer. The wall mounted washing area consists of two small glass cases, a professional washing machine and an additional washbasin.

Like any creation by Officine Gullo, it is possible to fully customize the composition of the cooking appliances, from their dimensions to the composition of the hob, up to the engraving of handles or to colours.

Officine Gullo presents the new Ruby Red & Brushed Nickel Project

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