Handwoven plant fibres

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Wallcovering collection Shades of Pale

Shades of Pale reaches the perfect balance between tones of white and natural materials.

A simple shade at first sight, white is however never ‘easy’. On the contrary, it is so complex that it is extremely difficult to determine. And yet… white illuminates us as soon as dawn rises, and the human eye has always been sensitive to its multiple shades, distinguishing shiny whites from matt ones, soothing from energizing whites.

Like a chameleon, white merges into both a warm or a cold atmosphere. Timeless, it is the ultimate depiction of brightness. Serenity, elegance, purity, freshness,… it symbolizes mainly positive values.

It seems self-evident to reserve centre stage for shades of white in a collection consisting of natural materials.

Abaca weave, bacnoc, bamboo, jute, waterlily, raffia, sisal and other tropical fibres – capiz shells, paper, linen and other textiles: the collection offers a wide spectrum of products, patiently and carefully manufactured by skilled craftsmen, in order to obtain an authentic and original result.

Referring to japanese philosophy and other popular trends, the collection pays tribute to a return to craftmanship and the use of ancestral techniques, as well as the application of unique materials, full of meaning.

Shades of Pale invites you to accept imperfections and to value materials carrying the signature of their manufacturing process, without camouflaging marks, joints, patina… Go back to the essence, the elegance of natural material, without affecting its poetic charm…

Alabaster, blanc de Meudon, champagne, chalk, kaolin, egg-shell, silver, ceruse, milk, linen, platina, lead, cream, ivory… let yourself be enchanted by the endless variations of precious white tones.

Shades of Pale
Shades of Pale

Jute weave on non-woven backing

Shades of Pale

Waterlily on non-woven backing

Shades of Pale

Capiz weave on non-woven backing

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