#FollowYourRoots2015, Opinion Ciatti new catalogue is on line.

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#FollowYourRoots2015 represents the third step, both in the concept and in the layout, of a path which is a kind of a journey in search of our own roots.

#FollowYourRoots2015 is at the same time a reference and an integration of the two previous editions of Opinion Ciatti catalogue: about the book cover, details, products data sheets and project presentations.

Book cover. We are still among San Bruzio ruins, still from another point of view: alpha and omega of the utopia of the eternal return to innovation. The 2013 catalogue focused the majesty of the ruins of Saint Tiburzio abbey. The church build up by the camaldolesi monks around the year 1000, here symbolizes Opinion Ciatti’s tuscan roots. Last year the detail of the capital, the metaphor of a journey which becomes introspective; from the whole to the part. Finally in this new edition San Bruzio is the frame for a glance towards the horizon. A bridge between the past, where to find values and inspirations, and a future still to be lived.

Numbers. The detail of the date. The place is still the same – Florence – month and year change; from number 0 of 2013 (when the journey began) to number 2 of 2015. It happens to underline how there is a very clearly defined succession of steps in this journey.

Content. After the first part on Opinion Ciatti history, here reviewed and updated, full space is dedicated to Opinion Ciatti items with images, data sheets and detailed descriptions. They are the real main characters of the catalogue and they are arranged in the macro areas of Opinion Ciatti collection. Seatings, bookshelves, containers, lighting: no longer accessories but a 360° lifestyle. Pieces able to decorate every room, not only at home.

Partnership. The last part is focused on OC bespoke, Opinion Ciatti division addressed to contract. A little glance on projects and partnership of these last years to highlight the attention of the company to the market developments.

Summary. Lapo Ciatti, CEO and artistic director, says «Our aim with this catalogue is to represent what Opinion Ciatti is today, a perfect mix of memory and contemporaneity, roots and vision».

The catalogue #FollowYourRoots2015 can be downloaded from the website http://www.opinionciatti.com/en/cataloghi/14-catalogo-2015 and from the official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OPINION-CIATTI-357483477673200/?ref=hl. A printed copy may be requested at press@opinionciatti.it.

#FollowYourRoots2015, Opinion Ciatti new catalogue is on line.

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