OFF Seine opened in Paris: the first hospitality contract project by Opinion Ciatti

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Lapo Ciatti in partnership with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman decorated public areas and the two Designers Suites of France’s first floating hotel.

Be rocked to sleep. Now you can experience it at OFF Paris Seine, the city’s first floating accommodation and the first hotel furnished by Opinion Ciatti. Florence based company together with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, the famous couple of fashion and interior designers, conceived the interiors of public areas and two suites of the boutique hotel moored at the foot of the Austerlitz station in the 13° arrondissement.

Their design perfectly emphatizes the concept of the whole project, the perfect interconnection between the barges and the river, the river and the city. A striking example is the lounge ceiling, an expanse of suspended mirrors which turns the Seine into a sky, while vibrating as the boat gently shifts with the river. Or in the reception area where a 250-year-old piece of wood is embedded on the reception desk, weathered as if it had been transported by the water, and here it had choosen to stop. The same aim for the two suites called Designers Suites – Sunset and Silver - decorated monochromatically as to accompany into the rooms the play of light and the reflections of water which change from sunrise to sunset.

The interior design is a perfect mix of bespoke projects, reinterpretations, in shapes or finishings, of collection items and use of portfolio furniture.

There are in the lounge - copper leaf Mammamia chairs and ILtavolo tables besides new editions of well-known family products which change in shape and size or wear new fabrics or materials. As to seal the room a stunning ceiling of 8,800 squares of metal, a suspended cascade which follows the gentle movement of this floating world.

Copper tones, the same of the warmest lights over the Seine, shine in the welcome area. A precious copper leaf covers the tailor made furnishings of the reception. A very special copper edition of Waves, the suspension inspired by water ripple effect, completes the picture.

Monochrome palette is the distinctive tip of both the Designers Suites. From the walls to the ceiling, from the room’s furniture to the bathroom’s tub and sinks, the chosen tones define the identity of these floating apartments.

Sunset suite is a universe between mandarin and copper. Sunset as the stunning sundown that you can admire from its windows. Mandarin on the walls and mandarin as the colour of upholstery eco-friendly leather which wears Chummy collection seatings. Mandarin as the copper leaf which lightly lays on most of the room pieces of furniture, custom made cabinet and four-poster bed included. Strictly orange pop are also the bathtub and wash basins, still supplied by Opinion Ciatti.

Suite Silver is an explosion of light, silver colours and round shapes, are here a way to celebrate the power of the sun. A delicate silver leaf covers almost all the items of the room, while round as the sun are the mirrors. Round is Gong, the not-longer produced piece realized again especially for this project, and round are the mirrors which shape the unique ceiling installation just above the bed. A new edition of the Gagà Collection, a new way to turn the river Seine into a beautiful sky.

Just one colour breaks this whitness, eye-popping canary yellow paints the bathtub and the double wash basin.

OFF Paris Seine
OFF Paris Seine

Lounge and plunge pool

Lounge - ph. Marie Desmarquest

Seatings - Guelfo collection Pouf - Chummy collection Chairs - Mammamia Table - ILtavolo


Reception desk - bespoke project Suspension lamp - Waves

Sunset suite ph Celine Demoux

Seatings - Chummy collection Four poster bed, bathtub, cabinet - bespoke project

Sunset Suite ph Marie Desmarquest

Mirrors - Gong special edition Bathroom furniture - Bad Buddy Wash basins - bespoke project

Silver suite ph Celine Demoux

Seatings - Chummy collection Lamps - LAlampada Coffee table - ILtavolo Caffé Ceiling installation - Gagà collection Bathtub - bespoke

Silver suite ph Celine Demoux

Bathroom furniture - Bad Buddy Mirrors - Gong Wash basins - Bespoke

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