ORSTEEL Light, the high-end lighting manufacturer for yachts and boats

Adrien Sfecci
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Take care of your yacht with a beautiful high-end lighting

Your yacht is made of many precious materials such as teak or stainless steel.

Teak, a material with multiple properties, is a precious wood that can be found on all high-end boats. Among its greatest properties are the resistance and the impermeability to fresh water and sea water. It is also rot-proof, that is, it protects from all possible attacks by fungi or insects. . But especially the teak, with its pleasant and unique smell, has an inimitable color which, exposed to magnificent high-end lighting offers you an incredible play of light for an impregnable view. Teak to be well protected must be fed with a specific and adapted oil. This interview is done regularly.

Your stainless steel must shine, remember to renovate with a stainless steel product.

The rendering of high-end lighting for your boat on beautiful shiny stainless steel will highlight your luxury yacht.

In order for your high-end lighting to reflect your lighting manufacturer's plans, it is important to think about maintaining your batteries, which are important resources for the proper functioning of your electrical installations. To avoid wearing out your battery should generate 3 cycles that are boost, absorption and floating and avoid regular surges. Do not forget to recharge your batteries to the maximum of their power potential, so as not to alter the rendering of the high-end lighting of your yacht.

ORSTEEL Light, the high-end lighting manufacturer for yachts and boats

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