The top 10 mistakes not to make when choosing interior lighting

Adrien Sfecci
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Imagine a dream lighting for your home with the most beautiful recessed ceiling spots for your living room, dining room...

Installing a recessed ceiling projector is an art. Many standards must be respected. Even better than advising you, we will make you a top 10 pitfalls to avoid!

1. Do not use a professional: Solution to be banned

Installing a projector is not an easy task, and it is true that if you decide to stick to it alone, you will be overwhelmed by questions, such as whether there will be no overheating, why LEDs blink, how much spotlight power... Indeed, you are not able to answer these questions, that is why there are professionals who are in charge of such installations, and who can ensure a quality installation, but also safety. Dealing with it is quite honourable, but it is true that in some situations it is not the right thing to do. Indeed, an electrical equipment installation is very standardized, and failure would not be without consequences so be careful.

2. Choose spots that do not meet the standards

The spots you buy must comply with the current standards set by the Lighting Union.

For example, your indoor LED spotlight must have an assigned output flux from the luminaire equipped with its optics. But also that the rated efficiency of the luminaire is equal to its output flow divided by its total power. The cables of your indoor spotlight must comply with IP68 protection rating. Luminaires must have protection class III and be designed for very low voltage for safety transformers.

The top 10 mistakes not to make when choosing interior lighting

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