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The summer holidays are coming to an end and your campsite is emptying little by little? The downtime does not exist and you are already thinking about next season! Indeed, the months of September and October are perfect to make improvements and increase the comfort of your campsite. Renovate, repair or create new facilities, missions are not lacking. For you, perhaps it's time to imagine or reinvent your aquatic space? ORSTEEL Light explains today how submerged waterproof LED lighting allows you to modernize and secure your aquatic camping area.

Why highlight my aquatic camping area?

Led waterproof lighting allows you to sublimate your aquatic spaces Enhance your aquatic camping spaces with ORSTEEL Light! Meeting safety standards Campsites are faced with numerous regulations to secure their access to the public. From the safety of playgrounds, to the accessibility of people with disabilities to securing water spaces, the constraints are not lacking.

Today, we offer you with LED waterproof lighting to secure your water spaces. Indeed, although campsites do not have to monitor swimming (in simple use), so does your reputation for keeping your customers safe. Thanks to the waterproof underwater lighting, you secure your pool and its exteriors and you limit accidental falls: ideal for young children and swimming at night. Plus, by opting for certified lighting

 "Origine France Garantie" for your aquatic camping space, you can offer larger bathing hours to your customers without taking the slightest risk.$

Improve the pleasure of swimming

In addition, thanks to the LED waterproof lighting, swimmers clearly see the bottom of the pool and the wall in front of them as well as other swimmers who may be near or just under the water at the beginning. evening and during the night. This limits the risk of injury and improves the bathing comfort of your customers.

From the outside, a beautiful underwater lighting offers a modern aquatic space, which will mark the minds of your visitors. For example, the Ellyn submerged floodlight will be ideal for your fountains and water jets, while the Polynesia floodlight will suit your large pools. When we know that a satisfied customer wants to come back the following season in 85% of the cases and that he recommends your camping in 98% of the cases (according to a study INIT Sat Tools with 50 000 customers), one can say that it is essential to mark the spirits.

How can I go about it?

Find out by consulting the full article on our website.


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