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Oyster presents Omnibox, the innovative multi-function home automation actuator

Discover the future of domotics and building automation

In a time when technology is increasingly present in every area of everyday life, it is essential that home automation devices are easy to use, ensuring quick installation and significant energy savings.

Omnibox is equipped with advanced automation and connectivity functions, which will allow you to create customized scenarios for every type of need: thermoregulation, alarm, lighting control, opening/closing doors/shutters/garages/accesses, management of multimedia equipment and much more.

Omnibox is an IoT cloudless device for Home & Building Automation, designed to automate the behavior of electrical circuits. It has 4 relays to control the electrical circuits and 4 clean inputs to collect data from buttons, sensors and other third-party systems. It features an integrated web interface and APIs that allow for intuitive and effortless configuration and control.

Designed for installation on a DIN rail inside an electrical panel, it is an ideal device for automation systems and can be connected to a LAN both via Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Among its main features:

- Sunrise & Sunset: the automation of sunrise and sunset is one of the most popular features because it offers incredible utility. Solutions of this type help to minimize energy consumption and your system can adapt to the actual presence or not of sunlight.

- Automated time zone: the time is automatically calculated using the specific timezone (e.g. Europe/Rome), ensuring effortless time zone, daylight saving and daylight saving time management. This feature makes time management on Omnibox easy to use.

- Accessible APIs: Allows programming and control of the device by third-party software and scripts, via PCs, mini-servers or microcontrollers connected to the network. This allows not only to fully automate the device but also to collect information such as sunrise and sunset time to create custom automations, without the need to depend on external data sources.

- Cloudless: The cloudless device ensures maximum privacy by operating autonomously without using the cloud. It is a fully standalone solution, offering total and independent control for maximum security and absolute privacy.

These technical features make Omnibox extremely versatile and perfect for residential, public or even industrial applications.

Oyster presents Omnibox, the innovative multi-function home automation actuator


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