Welcome to the world of Palazzetti

Lorenza Gobbato
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.....our new website is now online

“We design and build technologically-advanced, beautiful pellet and wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, cookers, ovens, boilers and barbecues.

We guarantee quick and efficient service that is always abreast of the times and lives up to the quality of our products.

Everything we do is inspired by our respect for and our desire to protect the environment by developing products that are increasingly more eco-compatible. In sixty years of business, all this and much more have contributed to making Palazzetti a leading brand on the market.”

We at Palazzetti are launching our new palazzett.it website - developed by Cricket ADV - to provide increasingly more effective advice and ideas to interior decorators and end users so that they can make an ideal choice to satisfy their need for cutting-edge performance and solutions, beautiful design and style.

This is an essential, authoritative tool for those approaching Palazzetti with a watchful eye, desirous of checking out all the most recent news about our initiatives and the regulations in force. Our new identity isn’t just based on making over our website’s graphics and photos, it also extends to the language used and to its contents, suggesting new browsing experiences.

Heating – Cooking – Furnishing are the three main sections into which our products have been divided. The purpose of this is to ensure quicker searches based on a query indicative of the purpose of the user’s request so that he can quickly find the product that best meets his requirements.

Pellet and wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, barbecues, ovens, wood range cookers, claddings and our bespoke service: by browsing through our vast catalogue you can find detailed information and technical specifications about all our products.

Our website offers a multilingual dialogue with a company which, in addition to the Products section, considers Research & Development – including Apps, Technologies, Certifications – and the Service section as very important. The latter is an exceptional company asset which offers our customers punctual and skilled after-sales assistance. Our new website also dialogues coherently with our online The Warm Street Journal magazine - magazine.palazzetti.it – which always provides up-to-date information on various, interesting topics and product news as well as keeping a keen eye on lifestyle, food, ecology and interior décor trends.

Palazzetti skilfully and intelligibly talks about technology and sustainability, design, initiatives and collaborations, all essential topics for a Company that knows how to communicate with today’s consumers in a modern, comprehensive way.

Welcome to the world of Palazzetti