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Pierre des Rêves, a touch of charm and extreme naturalness in the new

A new collection by Panaria Ceramica to cover indoor and outdoor areas with continuity

Guided by a profound passion for ceramics and by a formidable capacity for transforming raw material into original and unprecedented products, Panaria has studied the most ancient and authentic rock formations to create a highly charming collection. Pierre des Rêves is inspired by a mix of stones from different areas, all characterised by an untreated surface onto which the passing of time has engraved authentic and articulated textures which convey all the flavour of an ancestral naturalness.

Developed in a vast range of formats, the collection features five colours and different thicknesses to respond to different design tastes and requirements, enabling the customisation of all indoor and outdoor areas of the home, seamlessly blending styles, colours and surfaces. For kitchens, bathrooms, living or outdoor areas, the collection is multifunctional, versatile and enables the customised covering of all the areas of the home, fully reflecting its inhabitants.

From the white of Reveille, to the grey of Nuage, the beige of Aurore, the rust of Charme up to the anthracite of Oubli, Pierre des Rêves characterises areas with the natural elegance of stone effect, enhanced by modular installations featuring different formats. Decorations are rich in versatile aesthetic solutions including mosaic, herringbone, chevron and an etched decoration, completing the range and enriching it with infinite creative possibilities.

For specifically outdoor applications, Pierre des Rêves is available both in a multi-format version, for vibrant and variegated flooring, and the more traditional 60x60 cm and 30x60cm formats, not to mention the large format 60x120cm, which in addition to the rectified edge for more regular laying onto screed, features a slightly jagged edge, evoking the naturalness of hand crafted stone slabs.

Aurore Strutturato 20x20 cm / 20x30,2 cm / 20x40,4 cm


  • Italy
  • Panaria Ceramica