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A few tips for a child-proof home

We suggest you how to create safe and functional spaces for yours kids

The main objective when designing a home which will be inhabited by children is creating a space for dialogue, sharing and complicity to favour relational and self-learning experiences, in an environment which is as safe and well-balanced as possible. By implementing a few but highly essential changes, it is possible to create a serene atmosphere, attentive to the needs of all inhabitants.

In fact, there is no need to recreate the special and padded ambience of a nursery, or overhaul furnishings. All it takes is a few small changes to create more functional rooms in your home:

1. Creating interiors suited to requirements

First of all, start by considering the home environment as dynamic as opposed to static. Toddlers' needs change as they grow. As they acquire new skills, they start to move autonomously and seek vaster surfaces: now is the time to organise their room and make a few changes to common areas.

When toddlers take their first steps, it is important to implement suitable safety measures, with the installation of functional furnishings, suitable to the needs of your little ones. Only when furniture (tables, chairs, shelves) is child height is it possible to request a child's responsibility and participation, gradually teaching them the golden rule of tidying up after play.

2. The bedroom: the environment where children develop their imagination the most

When designing a bedroom and selecting the furniture, it important to look for the most stimulating solution for a child's creativity. It is also important to implement a suitable safety system, which means not installing electrical sockets near freely accessible areas. The presence of simple toys and - why not?! - made from natural materials, is extremely important, as well as books with pictures suitable for their age, perhaps in small book cases or on shelves which are safe and within easy reach for children.

3. Simple and functional solutions

A portable step stool can be used by children at any time. It is important they are taught how to use it properly, having faith in their capabilities, correcting them and checking that they use it correctly. In this way they are less likely to hurt themselves by using a high chair, for example. Objects can also be lowered to make areas more accessible and within easy reach for children: anything intended for grown-up use should be placed in the upper parts of furniture and lower parts, closest to the floor, at child height, should be kept free and ready for reorganisation.

4. Healthy, safe and protected environments

When selecting flooring options for home interiors, it is best to consider all the characteristics, not just aesthetic ones. Ceramic tiles with integrated anti-microbial protection ensure longer-lasting and enhanced cleanliness and are perfect for surfaces which protect against bacterial growth. The ideal solution for a new lifestyle, where diving onto the floor, rolling around and changing perspective is always possible. Fitted with an innovative shield which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces, this flooring guarantees maximum protection and eternal effectiveness, thanks to integrated and continuous active technology integrated in the product.

A few tips for a child-proof home


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