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4 ideas and styles for the kitchen

The heart of the house designed to suit your taste, thanks to the choice of functional tiles with a contemporary aesthetic

It is often the central space of the house and the one on which most attention is focused, together with the living room, when it comes to furnishing and characterizing it. The kitchen is the room that best represents the home for all of us and it is not always easy to design. Before considering colours and furnishings, it is important to choose materials.

Ceramic surfaces, whether used as wall coverings in the form of large thin slabs or small tiles, or to make a worktop, are extremely popular not only due to their technical properties – low porosity that guarantees high impermeability to acids and dirt and resistance to abrasion and fire – but also because of their aesthetic versatility that makes it possible to create cooking areas that are tailored to any taste and need.

The cement-effect surfaces are highly contemporary. Those who prefer Mediterranean atmospheres with material looks can choose tiles such as cement tiles that enable you to create very visually striking graphic elements. Or, for a compact, essential environment, characterized by a minimalism that enhances pure forms, you can opt for less processed surfaces featuring marble, stone and terracotta grit, blended into a cement-based mixture.

Meanwhile, those who love the stone effect, can choose between soft shades and bolder versions that characterise the cooking area with their great elegance and contemporary style.

Love colour? The choice can range from light, fluid ’50s-inspired colours to more symmetrical and geometric designs that create original decorative elements with different combinations.

Those who are passionate about the wood effect can opt for solutions that carefully reproduce the best types of wood to envelop the space in warmth and colour, giving it a more sensuous and voluptuous style.

In addition to its aesthetic characteristics, one fundamental feature should not be underestimated! Many Panaria Ceramica surfaces belong to the Protect line, the Panariagroup products with an integrated antibacterial shield that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and that is active 24 hours a day in any light condition, offering lasting effectiveness that guarantees maximum protection and outstanding hygienic performance. The surfaces are therefore ideal for an environment in which well-being is not only experienced through food, but also through the spaces in which we prepare and consume it.

Nuance versatile and dynamic, is available in five colours that enhance the countless aesthetic qualities of wood.


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