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Casa dei Pescatori Restaurant

Sirmione - Italy

Overlooking the shores of Lake Garda, a short distance from the wonders of Sirmione and the nearby villages, the Casa dei Pescatori Restaurant is part of an elegant and welcoming complex of apartments and suites that are in total contact with nature.

Panaria Ceramica contributed to the creation of the project, covering the surfaces of the restaurant’s terrace-solarium with its porcelain stoneware products. For this outdoor area, the designers selected the Nuance wood-effect collection in the 20x120 cm structured Tabac version.

Inspired by the simplicity and warmth of wood, the Nuance collection lends a feeling of harmony to the environment, characterizing it with a sophisticated and contemporary design. The strong and bold veins harmonize with the colour shades produced by combining different types of oak wood. It is an aesthetic choice perfectly in keeping with the surrounding nature and landscape.

Thanks to its outstanding technical characteristics, Nuance is a functional product that offers resistance and easy maintenance. The complete vitrification of the tiles makes it possible to obtain a product that is compact, non-absorbent, frost-resistant and resistant to bending, impact, stains, chemical attacks and temperature changes.

Furthermore, Panaria’s ceramic tiles do not change or deteriorate over time, do not get lighter or darker and do not lose their colour or finish even after prolonged exposure to UV rays. They are therefore also ideal when the external environments are subject to climatic stresses.

Casa dei Pescatori Restaurant


  • Via Panaria Bassa, 41030 Modena MO, Italy
  • Panaria Ceramica

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