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The Residence

Domination Homes

The two-storey house, located at 59 Glenelg Street, Applecross, a riverside suburb of Perth in Western Australia is unique because of the contemporary, essential architectural character of the exterior and the refined, elegant interiors.

The entire first floor is a living area that harmoniously extends to the outdoor patio and the swimming pool, creating a continuous space thanks to the large sliding windows. The sleeping area is located on the second floor; the setting is more intimate, but with the same spaciousness and elegance. The rooms are fitted with all modern comforts.

The light veins and colours of the Trilogy surfaces, inspired by the elegance of classical marble, finish and enrich the interiors and exteriors, creating a sophisticated and modern atmosphere.

Thanks to the three diverse technologies used in the Trilogy collection - porcelain stoneware, thin laminated stoneware and porous single-fired wall covering - the collection comes in a range of sizes and decorative designs for walls, which reflect the purity of marble in all its splendour.

ZERO.3 Trilogy Onyx Light Soft 100x300 cm surfaces, 5.5 mm thick, have been used for the entire living area, the outdoor patio and the loggias, while the master bedroom, the bathroom and the walk-in closet are furnished with ZERO.3 Calacatta White Lux slabs 100x300 cm, 5.5 mm thick.

The Residence


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