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Pets? Welcome home!

Durable and always perfect collections, that evoke the warm and comfortable aesthetic of wood, protect against bacteria and can accommodate four-legged friends.

Dogs, cats & co. No matter the species, pet therapy has become one of the most current lifestyle trends. A major boom in adoptions reflects a growing desire to bring a dog, cat or other pets into the home. The spaces in the home are therefore adjusting to the new arrivals: objects, containers, readapted corners and new habits. Living with animals brings new and surprising emotions, however living with a pet certainly also requires some caution.

Floor and wall coverings are undoubtedly the surfaces that face the biggest challenge due to the newcomers’ or lifelong companions’ eagerness to run, learn and explore. This is why porcelain stoneware is certainly the best option for laying on the floor: a durable solution that is easy to clean, long-lasting and extremely hygienic.

Panaria Ceramica, building on its ability to offer the most appropriate response for today’s homes, offers collections that guarantee an impeccable and unalterable aesthetic, including for those who do not want to sacrifice, for example, the warm and primordial shades of wood. Several collections explore different types of wood, offering a chromatic and perceptive variety that is suitable for every type of environment and... inhabitant!

Characterised by its soft and varied aesthetic, Borealis is a collection devoted to the study of the most elegant shades of wood. The range consists of four versions in line with the latest trends that draw the attention to desaturated and dusty colour shades. The grains and shades of high-quality wood are reproduced with stylish touches of colour, shading and a graphic elegance that create a warm and enveloping aesthetic, made even more realistic through an innovative production technology. This solution made it possible to achieve a perfect synergy between the graphic design and the surface, resulting in an extremely realistic three-dimensional effect.

North Cape is a collection of wood-effect floor and wall coverings that helps you rediscover the beauty and cosiness of your domestic spaces: a highly evocative selection of three types of wood. Tiles that evoke the enveloping atmosphere of the Great North, masterfully rendered here on surfaces with immediate warmth. Three variants for three different sensations: Reisa, delicate, full of overlapping details and unconventional; Rondane, bright, lively and covered with timeworn effects; Gutulia, vibrant, energetic and imbued with natural harmony.

Finally, the Nuance collection features a wood effect with a soft and varied look. A fresh and enveloping style with five sophisticated colour variations and characterful coordinated floor and wall solutions. Strong and bold veining harmonises with the colour shades obtained from the combination of different types of oak and different formats, allowing versatile and varied layouts ideal for creating elegant and welcoming spaces.

These solutions are therefore perfect for all the spaces in the home and for all its guests, who can enjoy every room with total peace of mind, since in addition to their impeccable aesthetic appeal and outstanding technical performance, Panaria ceramic surfaces boast another essential requirement for those who surround themselves with pets: they are antibacterial. Thanks to a silver ion shield incorporated in the product, up to 99.9% of bacteria on the surface are eliminated, 24 hours a day in all light conditions. This will make it possible to live in healthy, safe and protected environments, while also enjoying the company of your cheerful four-legged friends!

Pets? Welcome home!


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